Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
The coastline to the Pacific has very beautiful beaches and National Parks with unique fauna and flora.
The Manuel Antonio national park is located close to the town Quepos and has direct bus connections to San José. Along the hills before the entrance to the park area, various hotels are offering their services, some of them integrated into the forest and providing a nice view over the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.
The entrace to the national park is opened in early afternoon and is closed if the maximal limit of guests have entered regardless of the tickets that have been sold. Within the park there is also a natural beach area where you can swim - if you brought along your bathing or snorkling equipment. You can spot slothes, frogs, bats, snakes, birds, iguanas and lots of apes during daytime. The night tours are offered just outside the park gate and are very impressive.
In the public beach of Manuel Antonio - a perfect surfing place - please take care of the rip currents taking swimmers straight out to the Pacific Ocean. During low tide you can cross the beach to the Espadilla beach.


Manuel Antonio Jungle

Capucine monkeys in the tree


Flower in the rain forest

Tropical vegetation


Sloth in the canopy

Capucine monkey


Punta Catedral

Martin at the beach near Punta Catedral


Iguanas at the beach



Restaurant El Avion

Manuel Antonio beach


Martin on the estuary de las Damas

Sleeping bats along the estuary de las Damas


Frog in the night

Crocodile in the night


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