St Lucia Wetlands, KwaZulu Natal

Not far away from the Hluhluwe area, the beautifal estuary park St Lucia Wetlands offers beautiful spots along the Indian Ocean. It is a giant sand dune that stretches for 280 km along the sea shore and the most elevated hills reach around 180 m above sea level - pure sand hills covered by heavy tropical vegetation. The inland sea behind the dune can be explored best on a boat tour, we can spot hippos and saltwater crocs ! Cape Vidal has a nice beach where sea turtles can be seen laying eggs after sunset.

Cape Vidal 

Indian ocean at Cape Vidal

salt resistant flower

salt resistant flowers

Cape Vidal beach  

beach at Cape Vidal


myself at the Indian ocean


grazing nyalas
water buck

water buck in the thicket

The plain area behind the sand dune and the estuary is the home of a vast variety of different species. Today the area is a UNICEF World Heritage.

nyala couple

couple of nyalas
group of water bucks

group of water bucks

sea turtle

sea turtle ready to lay eggs


view on estuary from tourist boat
weaver birds nesting

weaver birds and their nests


group of hippos

more hippos grunting


wet and humid swamp


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Sea turtles

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