Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

The city of Kobe was one of the first settlements of foreigners in Japan, 30 km west of Osaka. Today a large city with 1.5 million population, hosting an important port and various industries and services. In 1995, a huge earthquake (Hanshin earthquake) destroyed many buildings, roads and the port estate. Within a few year all was rebuilt and you wouldn't think of the former damage: a vibrating city with nightlife and chic shopping centres, the old port next to Meriken Park turned into an entertainment area. The modern port was erected on artificial islands in front of the town, connected by railway and roads.
At Lexis, I studied the basics of Japanese during four weeks and got to write Hiragana and Katakana scripts. A great experience also to get to know people from various countries. I will return ..
Kobe Ikuta Road 

Ikuta Road in city center, leads to Ikuta Shrine

Gate to Moto Machi

entrance to Motomachi Chinese quarter

Kobe Krone  

Hotel Königskrone

overview Kobe

overview from Koby City Townhall

I studied at Lexis Japan and enjoyed the training and learning culture with the class mates very much.

Japanese learning

Learning Hiragana script
Japanese diploma

getting the language certificate from my teacher Shimada-san

Caramel cake

Caramel cake at Mother Moon Café after lessons
Meriken Park

Meriken Park

Western settlement Kobe

Western settlement next to old port
Western settlement Kobe

Western settlement towards Sannomiya

Earthquake Kobe port

pier left unchanged after 1995 earth quake
Earthquake Kobe

pier view to city of Kobe

Ship Pacific Venus

ship Pacific Venus in Kobe old port
Rokko-san evening view

evening view from Rokko-san



City of Kobe Be Kobe Rokko-san above Kobe

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