Nara, Japan

I was visiting Nara from my home base in Kobe in automn 2019; just a bit more than an hour by Japan Railways. The former imperial city Heijo-kyo in the 8th century lost its political importance by the move of the capital to Kyoto but main religious organizations kept their temples and shrines here. You find members of the Nanto Shichi Daiji - the seven great temples of the southern capital Nara.
Kofukuji was originally created by the order of Kagamino Okimi, the wife of the emperor Fujiwarano Kamatari, in 669 but later transported to the current site in Nara by 710. It remained an important religious place for the Fujiwara even when the captial moved to Kyoto.
Todaiji was originally founded in 728 by order of emperor Shomu. It took until 752 as the great buddha hall was finished and a sumptuous eye-opening ceremony for the Buddha statue was held. The temple served as a center for training of young Buddhist monks. In 855 an earthquake made the head of the great buddha statue fall down, over time various fires had destroyed the temple but it was always reconstructed.
Today, an important university is located in Nara, textile and food industries have created workplaces for the local people apart from tourism that is strong around the famous temples and shrines - amazing the wild deer coming right into the main street of the town and looking forward to be fed by tourists !
Heijo Palace 

Heijo Palace Reconstruction

Chukondo Golden Hall

Chukondo Golden Hall Reconstruction at Kofukuji

Gojunoto Pagoda  

Gojunoto Pagoda at Kofukuji

Lantern in front of Tokondo

Lantern in front of Tokondo at Kofukuji

Tokondo at Kofukuji

Tokondo at Kofukuji
deer walking around Nara

deer walking around Nara

Nandaimon Gate of Todaiji

Nandaimon Gate of Todaiji
sea bass

Nakamon - Central Gate to Todaiji

sun fish

Todaiji - Daibutsuden
healing god statue

touch the foot of this statue to get well!

Lantern in front of Todaiji

Lantern in front of Daibutsuden

Great Buddha Hall - Daibutsuden

Sorin Pagoda

Sorin Pagoda next to Todaiji




Todaiji Japanese temple studies at Uni Wien Nara National Museum

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