A magical city, the most important place for many religions, up in the hills at the border of Israel and Palestine. I arrived in March, the climate is still very refreshing in the night while you can sit outside for lunch or an early dinner. I stayed in a hotel outside the city walls in the modern Jewish part of Jerusalem, but it took me just 20 minutes by foot to enter by the Jaffa gate.


Church of John the Baptist

Entry near Holy Sepulchre

Inside Church of Holy Sepulchre - the Anointing Stone


Holy Sepulchre - cross point

Interior view

Entrance court of Holy Sepulchre


Crosses in front of Holy Sepulchre

More crosses on top

Muristan Market


Dome of the Rock and Mount of Olives

Near Jaffa Gate

Citadel of Jerusalem


Wailing Wall

from Wailing Wall up to the Dome of the Rock

Dome of the Rock



Dome of the Rock

Mihrab pointing to Mekka


Garden of Gethsemane

Jewish cemetery

Around the Pater Noster Church



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