Kyushu Island, Japan

To the south of the Japanese main island Honshu the island Kyushu provides both city life and nice countryside places. Apart from the port town Kitakyushu, a major city is Fukuoka where the Shinkansen trains from Osaka-Tokyo terminate. The local spa town of Beppu attracts many Japanese tourists as has natural hot springs for looking at (Jigoku) and for bathing (Onsen). For looking only are the hot mud pools.

Fukuoka (Hakata)

Naka-gawa river 

Naka-gawa river and the Canal City shopping centre

Nakasu island

bridging Nakasu island with Haruyoshibashi

Canal City  

waterfall in Canal City shopping centre

Fukuoka evening

city lights
Shinkansen arriving  

Shinkansen arriving at Hakata station

Shinkansen at Hakata

here we are


By the Sonic Superexpress railway I visited Beppu to see the hot springs (Hells) and boiling mud pools. In the evening, I took a hot bath at the Takegawara Onsen and to finish, a hot sand bath (only 10 minutes !). After that, I was ready for a fine Sashimi dinner and an evening at a 50's Rock'n'Roll club (all Japanese).

Beppu hell

Umi Jigoku in the Kannawa hells
Beppu hell

gateway to hell with a pond

Himeji rooftop view

Bozu Jigoku (monk's hell)
roof pool

well protected mud pool


no pizza



City of Fukuoka
City of Beppu

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