Hiroshima, Japan

This industrial city of Hiroshima on Honshu mainland was destroyed on August, 6th 1945 by the first nuclear bomb attack in history. 600 meters above the building known as the A Bomb Dome, this bomb exploded at 8.15h creating a hot, radiant shock wave that destroyed all buildings within 3 km.
The city was rebuilt after the war, the A Bomb Dome building was left as it was after the explosion to commemorate the event.

A Bomb Dome 

A Bomb Dome

A Bomb Dome at river

in the middle of modern Hiroshima

Martin in Hiroshima  

Martin in front of the A Bomb Dome

Hiroshima school kids

school kids on a trip to the peace park

Peace bell

Peace Bell
Hiroshima Peace Park

Peace Memorial Park



City of Hiroshima
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

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