Santiago, Chile
The capital of the long stretched country following the Andes mountains and the Pacific coast is a perfect starting point to explore the different landscapes. The city mixes Spanish colonial style with modern city life, it is the political and business centre and offers culinary and cultural delights. Enjoy the scenic Barrio Lastarria close to the Cerro Santa Lucía where you can shop around or enjoy a drink or meal after a hard day touring around. Overlooking the city there is the Cerro San Cristobal Cumbre. Not sure if the cable car is working again - during day time take a bus or a taxi up the hill.
I was staying at The Aubrey Boutique Hotel at the foot of San Cristobal - a wonderfully kept small hotel.


Catedral de Santiago

Correo Central


Palacio de la Moneda

Intendencia de la Region Metropolitana, in front Allende statue


Presidente Allende

Terraza Neptuno


View north from Cerro Santa Lucía

View south from Cerro Santa Lucía


former central train station, now cultural center

Mercado Central


Andes trekking

glacier not far from Santiago


Martin taking fresh air

in front of Cerro El Morado (4'490 m)


mountain meets sky

melting glacier ice


Up to the sky

Down to the valley


Day trip to Valparaiso

Colourful houses


More houses



Armada of Chile

Heroes' Monument


Pier in Viña del Mar

Easter Island Monument in Viña del Mar


Martin and the Easter Island man

Visiting a winery and tasting the produce


View from Vineyard

Last stroll through Barrio Lastarria



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