Hluhluwe-Mfolozi, KwaZulu Natal

This is one of Africa's oldest game reserves, originally there were two separate game parks which later became joined. Hluhluwe means 'thorny rope' in Zulu, the name of a typical plant here. Mfolozi is the name of the river flowing towards the Indian ocian, in Zulu it means "river of fibres' as there are plenty of aerial roots hanging from sycamore figs. The park comprises the river land, forests, dry bushveld and open savannah - a very attractive mix. The park is known for the Rhino Conservation project started in the 1950, now it houses one of the largest rhino populations on the world.
In the old times, the park was the hunting ground for the Zulu king Shaka.
The park is 280 km north of Durban and is easy to reach by car.


zebra at the Mambeni entrance to Mofolozi part


fighting warthogs


buffaloes at Hluhluwe

Egyptian waterbird

Egyptian water bird at river crossing


Bushveld at Hluhluwe
lonely buffalo

old male buffaloes are often aggressive

The water buffalo is the most dangerous animal in Africa, as it kills most people - not the tiger or the lion ...

Reticulated Giraffe at Hluhluwe
Hilltop Camp

Hilltop Camp in Hluhluwe sector

Driver Peter

My driver Peter


Couple of Mfolozi zebras


KwaZulu Natal Wildlife
Zulu kingdom

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