Tokyo (Edo), Japan

The old town of Edo (gate of the river) became the new capital during the Meiji Restoration (1868) when the Emperor moved away from Kyoto. Since then, the city grew to become a 12 mio giant where the lights never go out. I've never in my life seen so many people moving on the same place as in front of Shibuya station. As the Japanese culture focuses on politeness and good manners, you see a lot of smiling and no one gets ever offensive which makes travelling a very nice experience.

Sake bottles near Meiji jingu 

no lamps ! but sake barrels near Meiji Jingu

entry gate to Meiji Jingu

entry to Meiji Jingu in early morning

Between the busy Shinjuku and Shibuya neighbourhoods, the Yoyogi park is a zone of peace and calm that also houses the Meiji temple erected in 1920 :
Meiji main temple  

wonderful gate to Meiji temple

Meiji temple servants

temple servants at Meiji

Meiji sign

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But Tokyo is a ultra modern metropolis. There is a strange mix of technologically advanced, stylish buildings with older, rather functional constructions. At night, some streets are getting brighter and more colourful than any Las Vegas location. The most prestigious department stores can be found around Ginza.

Godzilla from the Japanese monster movie
Streetlife in Ginza

elegant shops at Ginza

Ginza buildings

brands of the world at Ginza

Ginza Sony

Sony building at Ginza

I was staying at the Hyatt Century in the Shinjuku area just next to the highrise buildings.
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Towers

Tokyo Government Office Towers
Tokyo bank building

bank building next Shinjuku station

Shinjuku neighbourhood
Yoyogi park

Yoyogi park

Tokyo overview

city centre view


Tokyo info
Tokyo city view

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