Kyoto, Japan

The cultural heartland of Japan is here in Kyoto. There are too many temples, palaces and gardens to be seen during your first visit here.

Let's start with Higashi Honganji which was built in 1602 by Shogun Ieyasu.

Higashi Hoganji 

gate to Higashi Honganji

temple dragon

clean hands and mouth with water

school girls

school girls visiting the temple

Meiji main temple  

main gate

inside Higashi Honganji

inside the Higashi Honganji temple

Then we walk westwards to Nishi Honganji which was erected 1591 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Living together in diversity

Living together in diversity ...
Nishi gate 1

Nishi Honganji Gate

Nishi Honganji Gate 2

another gate to Nishi Honganji
Nishi Honganji interior

Interior of temple

Nishi Honganji temple

some parts of the temple were closed for a ceremony

now go north to the residence of Shogun Ieyasu
Nijojo Ninomaru

the castle Nijo-jo was built in 1063 for Ieyasu
Nijojo hall

side hall of the palace
Nijo-jo garden

carefully pruned trees
Nijo-jo overview

looking out to the Eastern hills


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