Tokyo, Japan

In September 2019, 14 years after my first visit to Japan, I arrived in Tokyo to stay a few days in town before travelling to Kobe. It was a hot late summer, sun protection was key when visiting temples and parks. I enjoyed the Japanese food very much and in the evening I went out for a drink in the alleys of Shinjuku ward.

Taiso-ji temple, Shinjuku
Taiso-ji Buddha

Taiso-ji Buddha, Shinjuku

Dog + Cat Cafe  

Dog & Cat Café, Shinjuku

Shinjuku shopping

Shops in Shinjuku

Ginza Bottega Veneta

Sukiyabashi, Ginza
Nissan Crossing

Nissan Crossing, Ginza

THK System, Ginza

THK System, Ginza
Mont Blanc, Ginza

Mont Blanc, Ginza

At the corner of Hibiya Park, a statue remembers Godzilla that was a film figure invented in 1954 for a Japanese horror movie. This figure inspired further American productions as Jurassic Park or Jaws.


Godzilla, Hibiya Park
Kodaiji gravel garden

Hibiya Park

The Senso-ji temple was erected at the place where fishermen had found a Kannon Buddha statue in the Sumidagawa river in year 628. Today's temple complex was built in 1692. Very famous is the "treasury house gate" Hozomon giving entrance from Nakamise-dori shopping area to the inner temple area. The main temple hall is called "Kannondo" with the Buddha statue. Originally built by Tokugawa Iemitsu, it was reconstructed after World War II. There is a rebuilt Five Story Pagoda on the left side when approaching Kannondo Hall. The entrance from the nearby station to Nakamise-dori is through the Kaminarimon gate that has a huge temple lantern to pass under. It houses statues of the gods of wind (Fujin) and thunder (Raijin).

Pagoda over Kyoto

Hozomon Gate, Asakusa
Kannondo Hall, Asakusa

Kannondo Hall, Asakusa

Sensoji 5 Story Pagoda, Asakusa

Five Story Pagoda, Asakusa
Kaminarimon Gate, Asakusa

Kaminarimon Gate, Asakusa


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