Hanoi, Vietnam

Flying Singapore Airlines I travelled to Hanoi in November 2007 to experience a booming developing country with strong culture that has survived years of French colonialism, American war and Russian & Chinese communism and is now heading forward for prosperity and Western style culture.
Happily flying Singapore airlines from ZRH-SIN-HAN:
SIA at Zurich airport 

clouds over Zurich airport in late automn

koi fishes at Singapore airport

koi fishes at Singapore airport help relax

In the center of Hanoi, lake Hoan Kiem provides provides calm and rest. In the middle of the northern part, the Ngoc Son temple is a magnet for tourists that try to escape the busy streets of the Old Town.
Ngoc Son  

Ngoc Son temple

Hoan Kiem

bridge over Hoan Kiem lake to Ngoc Son


this is shoe street

offerings at 102 Pho Hang Bac hidden temple

temple dance

dancing at 102 temple
fresh fruit

sales women in the streets

Hanoi located along the banks of the Red River (Song Hong) was first inhabited in the Stone Age. Emperor Ly Thai To made it the capital in AD 1010 naming it Thang Long (City of Soaring Dragon). The Nguyen emperors moved the capital to Hue in 1802. The name Hanoi (City in a Bend of the River) was only given by Emperor Tu Duc in 1831. In French Indochina Hanoi became capital again in 1902. Later it became capital of North Vietnam, and at last the capital of the reunified state.

the Old East Gate: Cua O Quan Chuong
street market

street market

wedding preparations

preparations for Vietnamese wedding


public transportation

spirit house

Spirit House Hotel & Bar
Soviet MIG

Soviet MIG in war museum
Ho Chi Minh museum

Ho Chi Minh museum
One Pillar pagoda

the One Pillar Pagoda: Chua Mot Cot

temple of litterature

the Temple of Litterature
temple court

a temple court in Hanoi


Hanoi Capital of Vietnam
Vietnam tourism board

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