Halong Bay, Vietnam

The coast line of North Vietnam (former Bay of Tonkin) is a very pleasant regions with many thousand small islands, limestone islets and magical caves. From a boat you can get breathtaking views and a canoo trip inside a rocky grotto will provide hands-on experience of this natural paradise. As a contrast Haiphong City is a dirty and noisy port town in the midst of a boom phase, typical for such a fast developping country. A number of islands provide simple tourist accomodation and can be booked togehter with the boat transfer (Ocean Tours, Hanoi). The travel from Hanoi to the port of Halong City takes around 4 hours crossing highways and small villages one by one.

Halong Port 

our boat taking us to Paradise Island

Halong sea

cruising to the paradise

The upper deck of our tourist boat provides chairs and mattresses to relax while watching the wonderful Halong islet landscape. The lower deck houses the kitchen and dining room where fresh food was served by a highly motivated team. Surprising was the availability of both French and Vietnamese wine (from Dalat in the Southern part of Vietnam).
Halong boat deck  

upper deck of tourist boat

local boat people

locals in small boat

svillage of sea people

fishing village
Martin on Titop Island

Martin on Titop Island

Titop Island was named after the Russian pilot Titoff. As the Vietnamese have troubles saying that name, Ho Chi Minh baptized the island Dao Titop.

view from Titop island top
visiting caves

our guide Tinh overseeing the activities

Hang Sung Sot

Amazing Cave (Hang Sung Sot)

Amazing Cave with penis rock

Rock with a penis (red light)
fish selling

Selling fresh fish

boat connection

Waiting for a boat connection

Then I transfered to Paradise Island which is located just next to Cat Ba town. Except for a few huts and a restaurant there is just nature.
Paradise Island

Paradise Island
Paradise beach

beach front at Paradise Island

Paradise bungalow

my bungalow view
Paradise topview

Paradise Island top view

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