Kyoto (3), Japan

The most famous temple is the Golden Temple Kinkaku-ji. Originally, it was constructed for Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu in 1397. In 1950 it was burnt down by an obsessed monk. The reconstruction was done in 1955 and is more golden than the original ... 


the most famous view: Kinkaku-ji

Martin at Kinkaku-ji

Martin in front of the Golden Temple

50 yen gifts 

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Zen garden at Daitoku-ji

Daitoku-ji Zen garden: chaos and order

Daitoku-ji Zen garden

another Zen garden at Daitoku-ji
Buddhas at Daitoku-ji

Buddha statues near Daitoku-ji

Buddha family

Buddha family near Daitoku-ji
temple view

Izusen vegetarian Zen restaurant (thanks to Miho)

Murasakino Daitokuji-cho
Phone: +81 (0)75 491 6665



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