Kyoto, Japan

Revisiting the cultural heartland of Japan here in Kyoto. End of September 2019, I come over the weekend to enjoy temples and streets that I had seen on my first Japan trip; and I explore new places and practice my few words of Japanese in local restaurants. While there are many tourists from all continents, the temples and old town streets do not get too busy.

Let's start with the Shingon Buddhist temple Toji which was founded in 796 during the early Heian period.
Toji Kondo

Toji temple, Golden Hall Kondo
5-storied pagoda

5-storied pagoda, Gojunoto

Toji Jikido  

Toji Jikido

Toji Nandaimon Gate

Todaimon Gate

Night view with old town street and Kyoto tower:

night life Kyoto

old town alley
Kyoto Tower

Kyoto tower by night

Higashi Honganji temple was established by Shogun Ieyasu in 1602 when split the Shin Buddhist community to diminuish their power. On the temple area the original mausoleum for Shinran, founder of Shin Buddhism, was erected. Both the Founders Hall and the Amida Hall were renewed in 1895 showing the Meiji period style.

Higashi Hoganji gate

Higashi Honganji gate
Goeido temple

Goeido, Founders Hall

Amida Hall

Amida Hall
Founders Hall Gate

Founders Hall Gate

temple bell, 2.5 m height, 3'000 kg weight
Kyoto latern



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