Kobe and Himeji, Japan

The city of Kobe was one of the first settlements of foreigners in Japan. Still today, some British, French and American houses can be visited: an ideal spot for Japanese weddings and parties. In 1995, a huge earthquake destroyed many buildings but today you wouldn't think of that: a vibrating city with nightlife and chic shopping centres.

Kobe Ikuta Jinja 

Ikuta Jinja shrine

Ropeway to hilltop

Ropeway to hilltop overlooking Kobe port

Kobe waterfall  

waterfall on the way back to Kobe city

inside Higashi Honganji

just 40 min away by train is the Himeji castle

The Himeji castle is based on a wood construction. It was first built in 1333 by Norimura Akamatsu, later increased to its current size by Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Ieyasu Tokugawa.

Himeji castle

Himeji in its full size
Portugese weapon

mediaval weapons from Portugal

Himeji rooftop view

rooftop view
Martin in front of Himeji castle

Martin in front of Himeji castle



City of Himeji
Himeji castle architecture

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