Osaka, Japan

Industrial centre of Japan, Osaka has suffered quite a lot from the recession of the Nineties. With 2.5 mio inhabitants it is a large crowded city. On the Monday after Autumn Full Moon festival, Miho showed my the points of interest and explained me some details of Japanese culture.

Osaka street 

Osaka city walk


Martin in front of a temple gate

Osaka shopping arcade 

street life

Osaka shopping arcade

shopping arcade

Sumiyoshi-taisha is the Grand Shrine, also called the New Year Shrine.

Osaka tram 

Osaka tram

Sumiyoshi-taisha gate

gate to Sumiyoshi-taisha


Sumiyoshi-taisha Grand Shrine


Miho - my guide - at Sumiyoshi-taisha

Martin at Sumiyoshitaisha 

Martin at Sumiyoshi-taisha

Tsutenkaku tower

Tsutenkaku tower in Shin-Sekai - Eiffel style

The Shitenno-ji temple is the oldest existing large shrine in Japan originally built in 600 AC by Prince Shotoku of the Soga familiy. It commemorates the arrival of the Buddhist religion in Japan.

Shitenno-ji pagoda

Shitenno-ji pagoda
Shitenno-ji inside

statues inside Shitenno-ji pagoda


turtlels at Shitenno-ji

Osaka Dottombori River Cruise

Dotombori river cruise

enjoy the nightlife district at Ebisu-bashi bridge
Osaka Dottombori

Dotombori sun down



City of Osaka
Osaka tourism

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