Planura Hütte, Switzerland

This was my first glacier trekking tour with my old schoolfriends from Eiken. We drove to Klausenpass (1942 m) by car and then ascended to the edge of the Hüfi glacier where the upper plateau of the ice can easily be reached. We were staying at the SAC camp Planura Hütte for the night and continued the trek passing by the Clariden (3267 m) and then descending the Clariden glacier towards its end. After the Clariden Hütte, we turned sharply left and took a ropeway down to Urnerboden and returned to Klausenpass.

Start Planura 

start above Klausenpass with Martin, Stefan, René


view north-east towards Klausenpass


view north-west across Schächental


after going up a bit more


my ascent on the edge of the glacier
Erwin & Stefan

Erwin and Stefan are following on the rope

Taking care of the dangers caused by gaps in the glacier surface, we were all tied together with a rope and carrying ice pickets.

René as our knowledgeable guide

on top of the glacier: Hüfifirn


René watching the perfect view at 3000 m
Erwin, Stefan & Martin

it's getting warm up here on the glacier

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