Planura Hütte, Switzerland

The morning after the short night at the beautiful but very busy Planura Hütte was rewarding: the sun was lightening the alps from the north-eastern horizon and the cold night wind made the snowy surface of the glacier freeze. After walking along the "Kolk" (wall of hard snow at the edge of the glacier) our bones got warm again and we continued towards the Clariden. My friends decided to climb up the steep glacier field to the top - myself I felt safer on the glacier plateau. When we reached the end of the glacier the temperature was again up and we enjoyed a hot August day. We had another rest at the Clariden Hütte, then we decended to the Fisetenpass ropeway and returned to Urnerboden and took the scenic Postauto bus route back to Klausenpass.

Marti in front of Tödi 

Martin in front of Tödi


the biggest Kolk of the Alps


helicopter 1 starting at Planura Hütte

helicopter at Planura

helicopter 2 starting at Planura Hütte

full moon over Planura

full moon over Tödi from Planura Hütte
Kolk morning

morning sun shining over the Kolk

It takes some energy to leave the warm cabin and start trekking over the glacier in the morning cold.
Kolk Stefan, Erwin & René

Stefan, Erwin & René at the brink of the Kolk
Clariden Erwin, Stefan

Stefan & Erwin in front of Clariden

Clariden glacier gaps

mind the gap !
Clariden glacier

Clariden glacier

end of glacier

near the end of glacier position
above Clariden Hütte

above Clariden Hütte

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