Tel Aviv
As a Mediterranean metropolis - cosmopolitical and jewish traditional at the same time - Tel Aviv has a lot to offer to the visitor. In time for Sabbat, the city busses stop circulating Friday evening, whereas non-kosher restaurants and bars seem to be lively throughout the whole weekend. People from various ethnical backgrounds gather here and coexist with tolerance while keeping some distance.


Israel Museum showing the classical Jerusalem

Café 12 on Rothschild Boulevard

Famous coffee corner on Rothschild


Bauhaus on Rothschild

Bauhaus castle

Bauhaus artist scuplture


Mediterranean sea from North Tel Aviv

Surfers in the wind

North Tel Aviv evening


View to North Tel Aviv

Yachts in the harbour

View sourth towards Jaffa


Center of historic Jaffa

Cannon from the Turkish times

Mosque in historic Jaffa



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